PyTecplot: Tecplot 360 Python Library

The pytecplot library is a high level API that connects your Python script to the power of the Tecplot 360 visualization engine. It offers line plotting, 2D and 3D surface plots in a variety of formats, and 3D volumetric visualization. Familiarity with Tecplot 360 and the Tecplot 360 macro language is helpful, but not required.


PyTecplot requires 64-bit Python and Tecplot 360 with TecPLUS™ maintenance service. PyTecplot does not support 32 bit Python. Please refer to Installation for installation instructions, environment setup and system requirements. For the best experience, developers are encouraged to use the latest version of Python. If you need help converting to Python 3 or wish to write code compatible with 2 and 3, please refer to the Python-Future Cheat Sheet.

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