18 - 3   Linking Text and Geometries to Macros

Each text or geometry you create, or image you insert, can be linked to a macro function. This macro function is called when you hold down the Control key (Command key on Mac) and click the right mouse button on the text or geometry or image. Macro functions are specified with the Macro Function field in the Geometry Details dialog or in the Text Details dialog (accessed by selecting your object and right-clicking.

In order to be attached to a text or geometry object, the macro function must be a "retained" macro function. A macro function is "retained" via either of the following scenarios:

• running a macro file that contains the required macro functions

• including it in your tecplot.mcr file (which is run at startup, making it a special case of the preceding scenario)

In both cases, the macro function is defined using the $!MACROFUNCTION macro command.